Coram Charter for Children 2015

Coram believes that by 2040 when we celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Act of Parliament which gave birth to children’s social care, it is possible for us together to ensure that every child in our society can have the best possible chance in life. Our Charter for Children sets out to achieve this in various ways.

Key Calls

  • Consistency of care decisions for all children: a concerted effort to achieve greater continuity and consistency and to make timely decisions.
  • Access to justice for all children: access to advocacy and to free legal advice and representation for all children who are dependent upon state support or where circumstance requires these forms of help.
  • Health progression for all children: assured access to reliable information on their own development and physiology to all children and young people.
  • Educational participation for all children: all schools to be able to support timely access to a range of approaches to help children and young people navigate transition to secondary school and to ensure that the level of educational exclusion is progressively reduced.
  • Positive results: greater focus and tools for the promotion of positive social norms through schools and communities to reinforce positive trends.