Fostering for Adoption A child-centred solution: A guide for prospective FfA carers

Our guide is aimed at helping you to decide whether you could be a Fostering for Adoption (FfA) carer and explain the routes to becoming approved as an FfA carer.

Early Permanence for vulnerable children is a priority for social workers and some placements can be made with ‘Fostering for Adoption (FfA)’. Our guide, aimed at prosepctive FfA carers, explains what FfA is and how it differs from Concurrent Planning. it looks at questions such as why a child should not be placed directly for adoption and when is it right for children to be placed through FfA.

What the guide covers

  • What is FfA and how does it differ from concurrent planning?
  • Why not place the child directly for adoption?
  • Why does the process of deciding whether adoption is the right outcome take so long?
  • When is it right for children to be placed through FfA?
  • What do the courts think about FfA?
  • Are there many children available for FfA?
  • Routes to being approved as a FfA carer?
  • So what are the differences between being a foster carer and an adopter?
  • What contact do children have with their parents when they are in an FfAplacement?
  • Is FfA the right thing for me?
  • Will I receive any financial and practical support?
  • Where next?