New Belongings Programme: Baseline evaluation report (2021)

New Belongings is a three-year programme (2019-2022) being delivered by Coram Voice. The programme works with eight local authorities in England, supporting them to engage care leavers in service improvements using a co-production approach.

Our evaluation of the programme uses a range of tools such as the Baker and Dixon self-assessment for local authorities and the Your Life Beyond Care survey for care leavers. This report provides a baseline assessment of the starting point for the eight participating local authorities.

The similarities identified between the New Belongings’ survey findings and the Bright Spots comparison group, despite the very different circumstances the surveys were completed, suggest that this provides a good baseline foundation.This will allow the second and final evaluation report, due in summer 2022, to report on progress against the New Belongings programme’s Theory of Change, and it’s overall objectives of improving services for care leavers.