Respected and Protected: securing a better future for all children

Respected and Protected highlights some of the issues faced by children today.

In particular, the report addresses the issues faced by looked after children, those in care and leaving care; those whose needs are not met and whose voices are not heard; children at risk of family breakdown or in need of permanent, loving homes, who often wait too long for the support or placement they need; children denied the education they need to develop or lack support to realise their potential; and children with uncertain immigration status living in fear or insecurity.

Eight improvements outlined in the report

  • Strengthening the legal framework for children.
  • Ensuring the voices of children are always heard.
  • Providing secure loving families for children who need them.
  • Realising access to justice for all children.
  • Making routes to permanent status accessible to children and young people.
  • Building positive social norms in schools and ensuring timely and sufficient adolescent and mental health support.
  • Tackling educational exclusion with greater support for schools in realising equality of opportunity for those with additional needs.
  • Building capacity and consistent quality to ensure that children’s needs can be met.