Unfair results : Pupil and parent views on school exclusion

Between July and October 2018 Coram conducted research with parents and pupils to understand their views and experiences on exclusion.

This included a survey of parents: 124 online surveys were completed by parents who had been in contact with Coram’s Child Law Advice Service (CLAS). The survey was open to parents who had a child temporarily or permanently excluded, or who had been advised that their child would be excluded.

Pupils from mainstream schools were invited to participate in a pupil survey. This was open to all pupils; experience of exclusion was not required. Pupils could complete the survey online or on paper. Surveys were completed by 318 pupils from five mainstream primary and secondary schools.

In addition nine interviews with pupils who had experience of exclusion or had been on the edge of exclusion were undertaken. Pupils were from mainstream primary and secondary schools.