Move to music this May

Invite your friends and family to build you a playlist then challenge yourself to move for 600 minutes throughout the month of May. Do it your way; do it at your pace. Run, walk or shuffle; however you do it, get your Running Tracks together and let the music move you


Through building your playlist, you will be raising money to help children and young people who have little or no support in their lives.

Simply sign upconnect to Spotify via your ready-made fundraising page and share your page with your friends and family. They can then add as many tracks as they wish, in return for a donation. 

They could share their favourite song, a song with childhood memories attached, or a track which means something else to them; perhaps the soundtrack to their first dance or their first date. Or of course they might choose to stitch you up with a song you love to hate! 

Why move for 600 minutes?

600 minutes is the recommended amount of exercise an adult should aim for in a month. Your challenge is to complete this over the course of four weeks kicking off on Tuesday 3 May.

Have fun and get healthy!

We hope Running Tracks Challenge gives you the inspiration to exercise this May and help transform both your health and the lives of vulnerable children across the UK.


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