Making life better for families

Coram Family and Childcare works to make the UK better for families by campaigning for solutions that parents want and need, based on our authoritative research and parent-led programmes.

We focus on childcare and early years to make a difference to families’ lives – now and in the long term – notably through running our Parent Champions programme to reach some of the most isolated families and publishing our annual Childcare Survey. This is the definitive source of information on the cost and availability of childcare nationwide.


We listen to families to provide effective support in ways that work for them, and advocate to achieve long-lasting change, particularly for families who face disadvantage or challenges, including social exclusion, precarious work conditions and poverty.

"At Coram Family and Childcare we are proud to bring together our learning from on the ground work with families, alongside our research to call for the policy and practice solutions that families want and need. Early years is a crucial time for setting up a child's life chances and the children most likely to miss out on vital childcare and services are at the heart of our work."
Megan Jarvie
Head of Coram Family and Childcare

Our parent-led programmes

We run parent-led programmes that enable parents to share information and ideas that help families achieve their potential. Through these programmes, we reach and support thousands of disadvantaged families each year, and build an understanding of the challenges parents face.

Research and advocacy

  • Our research provides data on the issues families face and holds government to account
  • Our research has highlighted the difficulties for families in finding affordable childcare, and kept the issue high on decision makers’ agendas
  • Our advocacy work builds momentum in the media and among decision makers for solutions that are grounded in our parent-led programmes and research

£149 per week

is the cost of the just one part-time nursery place

Only 18%

of local areas have enough childcare for parents working full time

Over 7000 parents

are helped by our Parent Champions each year, helping them to overcome barriers to using services

"I'm proud of setting up the weekly peer-to-peer group at the local library. I love the creativity and preparation involved in running the group and seeing parents and children interact and have fun. We aim to break barriers and reduce isolation. The biggest benefit for me is seeing people grow in themselves and become confident."
Parent Champions volunteer

Making a difference for families

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