Programme for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds

We run an award-winning* programme for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds who make a difference to the lives of young people new to the UK and the professionals who work with them.

Through our Young Citizens programme, people from migrant and refugee backgrounds aged 16-25 co-design and deliver workshops using their own experiences of making their life in the UK to make a difference to others.

Workshops for refugee and migrant groups

We offer workshops for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in colleges, youth groups and local authority settings to improve young people’s wellbeing, support networks and knowledge of their rights in the asylum and care systems. Participants hear first-hand from our Young Citizens Trainers to enable them to make positive lives for themselves in the UK.

“Young people leading is something very powerful... Their story is so inspiring. It’s so great to hear their stories and see their confidence to deliver the session and hear where they’ve got to."
Youth Worker from Barnet

Workshops for professionals

We offer workshops for student and professional social workers and solicitors, and volunteers on how to support migrant and refugee young people effectively. We have delivered training and resources for the Refugee Law Clinic, Frontline and Student Action for Refugees.

"The training was instrumental in allowing me to see my work from a client’s point of view... it made me determined to ensure that my future work when it came to client-interfacing and case handling would be of the highest quality possible."
Student solicitor from the Refugee Law Clinic

Workshops for young trainers and peer mentors

We offer workshops for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in becoming young trainers or peer mentors. We have delivered training to young people supported by New Citizens Gateway and Croydon Council.

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop please contact and

"It helped me to develop my ability to motivate and encourage others."
Trainee peer mentor from New Citizens Gateway
“Young people see that we came with no experience and no word of English like them and now we're standing in front of them running a workshop. It makes them think if we can do it, they can do it too.”
Abdulrahman, Coram Young Citizen
"Young people often come up to me afterwards and tell me that I have inspired them with my story and shown them that they can make the impossible possible."
Abdullahi, Coram Young Citizen

Young Citizens Trainers

Coram’s Young Citizens Trainers share their experiences to inspire and empower other young people. In this video they share what they’ve learned, how they’ve made a difference and what the programme means to them.

Past projects

Past Young Citizens projects include short films on mental health and life in the UK, photography workshops and exhibitions, a teaching resource on belonging and tutoring. Read more about the projects using the dropdowns below.

Mental health animation

In partnership with Fitzrovia Youth in Action, Coram’s Young Citizens created an animation to help young people new to the country who may be struggling with their mental health.

“This is a brilliant video. I’ve shared it with support workers to use when we are working with young people who are feeling isolated and lonely and perhaps less able to talk about wellbeing and accessing support.” – Bryony Norman, Head of Specialist Education and Wellbeing Support at Refugee Support Network

Starting Life in the UK films

Coram’s Young Citizens created a series of twelve videos giving advice to young people new to the country on getting into college, learning the language, getting a bank account and more.

Strangers Photography Project

Coram’s Young Citizens partnered with photographer Arteh Odjidja on his portrait-based series ‘Strangers’. Over a series of workshops Arteh supported the Young Citizens ambassadors to develop their photography skills and creative voices. The resulting photographs showcase the achievements and aspirations of young migrants in order to challenge public perceptions and inspire those from similar backgrounds. The photographs have been exhibited at the British Museum, City Hall and Central St Martins, among other venues. They were also presented to Queen Elizabeth II at the opening of Coram’s QEII Centre. The project is supported by Leica Camera UK.

The Belonging Toolkit

The Young Citizens co-produced a PSHE-accredited teaching resource with Coram education specialists, which explores the theme of belonging through interactive activities and films. This was requested by schools to increase inclusion and raise awareness of issues facing children from migrant backgrounds.

“The engaging activities and videos in this resource encourage and enable sensitive discussion around the importance of inclusion and empathy towards pupils from migrant backgrounds.” – PSHE Association Subject Specialist, Karen Summers

Young Citizens Tutoring Pilot

Young Citizens piloted a pioneering tutoring programme in partnership with UCL. The university’s students were trained as tutors and then worked one-on-one with Young Citizens over several weeks to help them to support them with their studies and help them reach their full potential.

* Diana Award 2019 for young people aged 9-25 who are going above and beyond in their daily lives to create and sustain positive change.